My friend/colleague Ernesto Santiago-Norat has been battling cancer since 2007. He is an amazing (and Emmy-award winning photojournalist) and extremely talented photographer.

Ernie has such a big heart. He’s been through so much and yet, whenever he steps into the room you can’t help but smile. He has two little girls and his family is having problems covering all the medical bills. If you would like to make a donation, you can do so at any U.S. Bank Location – “Ernesto Santiago-Norat Fund” or you can check out Ernie’s Web site and purchase a print of one of his still photos. Check it out!

There’s also going to be a benefit THIS SATURDAY – May 17 from 6 – 9 p.m. in Milwaukee. I left the flyer at work but will post that information tomorrow.

Here’s a little more info about Ernie from his website:

Ernesto Santiago-Norat is an Emmy Award Photojournalist Winner who has dedicated his sixteen years of career to serve the people, his community and the nation bringing the best pictures in news casts to the public.

Now Ernesto has had to confront the worst news possible to any person. He has been diagnosed with “Meningeal Melanocytoma” a very rare type of Cancer affecting his brain and liver and is currently receiving Full Brain Radio therapy.

Since photography has been his passion, anything that Ernesto sees is like he perceives it through a photography lens. Now those pictures that he took for pleasure serve him back by helping Ernesto and his family pay for his treatment expenses not covered by insurance.

Everybody can enjoy life’s beautiful sightings. And we hope that through this page you can see some beautiful moments in life we sometimes take for granted.

Ernesto now sees that life is too short and he would like for you to enjoy it. We hope you enjoy his pictures and vision.

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