I have so much to blog about! I am very behind here but will try to catch up.

Let’s see… my camera repair (which i thought would be covered under warranty) will actually cost half what I paid for the thing a year ago so I decided to just deal with a camera whose flash isn’t working for the time being. I guess I’ll just use my mom’s P&S or dad’s SLR for now. I had hoped my next electronics purchase would be a new WACOM tablet (so I don’t need to keep my brother’s held hostage) but I guess that will have to wait. At least I got my 500GB external hard drive before I got the camera news. It’s so nice to have the freedom of hard drive space. Esp. since, gasp, my laptop only has a 60GB hard drive. Don’t ask how i’ve pulled that off but now there is no need to clean out the hard drive anymore. Just transfer to the external!!!

Work has been challenging. We were recently sold and just today I finally got some solid information about our benefits package. Now, I at least know how much it will cost per paycheck. However, I still don’t know what doc visit copays or deductible will be. Trying not to freak out about it… but when you get sick or hurt yourself as much as I do, you want to know these things. I also have to figure out what to do with my 401K… eh, I’ll leave that for another day.

I am still working on typing up my Guatemala journal entries and hope to finally post them soon. In case you still haven’t seen my pictures, check them out here.

Speaking of Guatemala, I’m finally doing some digiscrapping and am testing it out with pictures from my trip last month. Here are a couple of my layouts:

As you can see, I’m not really the gawdy throw-a-ton-of-shatty-embellishments-on-a-layout kind of girl. Personally, I think some people go way overboard in their digiscrapping. But I also think that the photos from this trip deserve the opportunity to stand out and speak for themselves.

Let’s see… what else?

Oh, I need to find time to upgrade the blog to the new version of wordpress and FINALLY finish customizing this theme, widgets and linky love in the sidebar.

But I guess that’s it for this post anyways… next up: CHA and COOK!

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