Well I have an absolutely insane weekend ahead – Sunday my dad and I are in a juried art/craft festival (If you’re in Milwaukee, stop by!) and so we’re running around finishing projects, getting our booth setup ready, etc etc etc… plus my favorite little girl turned two Thursday and her party is tomorrow (well i guess today!) so of course there will be a celebration for the fabulous miss Phoebe.

But, I wanted to post a couple new products to Pink Ink. Hopefully they’ll get you through the weekend. Don’t fret, I have like 3 or 4 more holiday cards in the works… Just have to finish a couple things and they’ll go up for sale.

Without further adieu, I present:

ak-pis-asuka3 ak-pis-asuka2 ak-pis-asuka1

Click to see a larger preview… or, better yet, go to Pink Ink Studios and purchase them!

Special thanks to Sherry for the photos used in the previews!

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