Bay View Neighborhood Letterpress Print – Teal




This gorgeous 8.5×11″ print is a mashup of Bay View businesses, locations and icons.

Text on this print includes: Bay View, At Random, Humboldt Park, MKE, Babes, 53207, Chill on the Hill, The Avalon, Kinnickinnic, Pryor Iron Well, Beulah Brinton, South Shore, Hide House, Groppi’s, Rushmor Records, Palomino, Frolics.

The text and illustrations were printed using ink on a gorgeous antique Vandercook press at Bay View Printing Company, a community letterpress shop in Milwaukee, Wis.

Due to the handmade nature of this item and letterpress techniques, no two prints are exactly the same.

Text may also not be 100% centered, but neither am I before I’ve had my morning coffee.

Hang it in your home or give it to your favorite Bay View resident.

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♥ This is an unframed print.
♥ Any frames or props in the listing are for illustrative purposes and are not for sale.
♥ These prints are part of a limited run, so grab them while you can!

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